Blogs I’m Loving

Howdy lovlies,

So, I’ve seen a few of these lovely pages on blogs (some of which I’ve been extremely lucky to have been featured on) just giving a little shout out to blogs they love, so I thought “Why not do my own?”.

I love so so so so so many blogs, so I’m planning to add 10 blogs here that I’m loving at the moment and update it each week. I’ve done these in alphabetical order, so there’s no blogger fights! šŸ˜‰


Bethany Worrall

Bethany, my name twin is fabulous. Her blog is a mix of beauty, fashion and life, and like me, she finds it extremely hard to take serious photots. She gives great, honest reviews of products and is also a big music lover, so expect to see some of those posts on there too!

Dinosaur Dances

Lucy from Dinosaur Dances is lovely. Her blog is always filled with gorgeous photography and she is absolutely friendly and worth checking out. With a name with dinosaurs in, what more could you want?

Eat Read Glam

Rosie’s blog is for you if you love a fab mix of beauty, lolz and books. She also has a super kitty cat called Crunchine that she blogs about, so what are you waiting for, head on over there! She also has a YouTube channel, so check that out too. šŸ™‚

Hannah Rosalie’s Words

Hannah is one tough cookie. She’s been through some tough times recently but has kicked its butt, coming back with a bang. She is absolutely gorgeous (I have major hair envy) and posts regularly about beauty and lifestyle.


If you love fashion then you need to check out Jessica’s blog. She does amazing Outfit Of The Days, showcasing all of her fabulous style choices.

Joanna Loves

Ah, Joanna, light of my life. * plays romantic music* Joanna was the first blogging friend I made, and I have been religiously checking her blog ever since. She is an absolute babe and her blog is filled with loads of goodies, from FOTD’s, OOTD’s, product reviews. Everything! Off you go!

Moth Loves

Monica is seriously the most fashionable person I know! Her OOTDs are the bomb, and if I ever need any fashion advice, she’s the first person I’d turn to. If you’re not following her blog, then this needs to be rectifed!!


Rheya from Pixirella is an absolute sweetheart. She blogs about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She also loves a bit of crafting and DIY. She’s also a fellow Hertfordshire blogger, which is awesome!Ā 

Sarah Speaks

Sarah is pretty much my spirit animal. As soon as I landed on her blog, I knew that she was pretty much going to be a friend for life. Her blog is a bit of everything really, beauty, lifestyle etc, and she has a cute doggy that I like to look at pictures of.

Surely Char

Charlotte is one of my ultimate faves! She is so knowledgeable about beauty, and if I’m after after something new she’s the first person I’d go to! She’s so funny and easy to get on with too, I know you’ll love her blog, just as much as I do!

Happy Blog Finding!


5 thoughts on “Blogs I’m Loving

  1. Awwww they’re such lovely words Beth šŸ™‚ Definitely have a friend 4 lyf bro haha. Spirit animal is exactly right! Awwww you’ve made me so happy šŸ˜€ So glad we met and talk so much šŸ™‚ thanks so much Beth. Lots of love šŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Ahhhhh Girl! You are so adorable! Thank you so much! Sorry I hadn’t seen it before! We need to take our blogging relationship to the next level some time soon and go PATTERNED SHIRT SHOPPING WAHHH! Hope you are having a fabulous day xxx

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