Mint Green & Cat Print Lovin’ – OOTD | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

I think I am actually in love with Mint Green at the moment, like it’s unhealthy. My background is Mint Green, header has Mint Green in it. It’s getting out of control. So when I saw these Mint Green Skorts * from New Look I just had to have them. I paired them with my trusty cat shirt from ASOS. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.. I also layered with this gorgeous lightweight White Kimono * also from New Look. I just love this Kimono because it’s so versatile and can pretty much go with anything. Lastly in my hair I have my favourite scrunchie from Beach Melba, and my necklace is from George at Asda. Ooo and if you’re interested, my nail varnish is ‘Breakfast In Bed’ by Rimmel.


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Beauty In Beta Gets A Revamp!

Howdy lovlies,

I hope you are well?

You may have noticed something a little different here in Beauty In Beta, I’ve had a makeover! I’d been feeling a bit sad about my layout, not sure what I wanted from it, then I came across the amazingly talented Carly Watts. I immediately fell in love with her design work and illustrations and knew that it was exactly what I had been looking for. I looked through her whole portfolio and everything I saw just got better and better.

So about 10 minutes after finding her site, I emailed her and commissioned her to design me a new header, buttons, YouTube channel art and a portrait and I’m so so happy I did. To do the portrait, she asked for a few photos of me, asked me a couple of questions like colours I liked, what I’d like in the picture (obviously had to have my cat Gizmo). She sent over a first draft quickly, which I loved, and then she sent over this portrait, which I am even more in love with. Look how cute Gizmo looks, I can’t deal with it!



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A Big Ol’ Birthday Wishlist | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

As my birthday is coming up next month, I thought it would be fun to do a Birthday wishlist, of all the things I’ve been lusting over recently. Some of these things are just so out of my price range, that my only hope is that someone with a bit more money loves me enough to buy it for me! So without further ado…..



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A Letter To My Younger Self | Beauty In Beta

Hi 11 year old Beth,

I know I’ve caught you in a pretty awkward stage of your life ey? You’re about to start Secondary school, and you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. That feeling of uncertainty, scared of the change, stepping out from the comfort of your small school, with all your friends. Right now your main worries are which colour choker necklace you want to buy from Claires, which sweets to buy after your Swimming lessons and filling the pages of your Football sticker book, and I love that. You have a fun zest for life that you shouldn’t ever let anyone take from you. Say yes more, have fun, do the things you want to do, don’t be scared.

As you get older, smaller worries start to make a bigger impact.  I’m afraid that anxiety never really goes away, so maybe if you can try and stop it now it’ll be better? I know things have happened that weren’t part of the plan, and I wish so much I had a real time machine to save you from everything that will hurt you, but when things don’t go to plan, then speak to someone, ask for help. It’s ok to feel scared sometimes. 

School is rough, but don’t worry you’ll get to the other side without a scratch. I’m not going tell you it’s the best time of your life because I’m afraid it won’t be, but you’ll carry on through and your grades will be good, you get nothing lower than a C, even in Maths! I know, crazy?

You go through a stage of being a right grumpy wotsit, so try not to take it out on Mum and Alan, they’re only trying to help. Oh yeah I’m afraid you never really get less gawky, and your eyesight is only going to get worse but you learn to embrace it, I promise it gets better. Honestly, nowadays it’s even fashionable to wear glasses. I’m not even joking! Please please remember to wear your retainer all the time though, because damn it’s annoying when your teeth start to go crooked again.

Oh hey, you know you’d always wanted a younger brother or sister, well I’ve got great news. In a couple of years, you’ll have a baby sister, and then 3 years after that an awesome baby brother. I know, amazing right? Continue reading

Cats Are Better | Guest Post

So the lovely Beth has jetted off to Mauritius and has left her blog in some our capable hands! I’m Vicky from Lots of Love, Me. and Beth was the FIRST ever blogger I met, at an Adourable press launch. I’m so proud to have watched her blog grow from strength to strength, but the one thing that has remained largely prevalent on her blog is her love for her big, fluffy cat, Gizmo. I too, have a loveable, purring creature that takes over my house in the form of my cat Daisy – so it’s always nice to see a fellow cat-loving blogger.

 So my blog post for her today is, why cats are the best pets.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a dog-hater, I just feel I was a cat in a past life…

  1. Cats are polite

It’s true! When you have guests over, dogs leap and jump and paw them for attention. They constantly need approval by playing catch, sitting on command and licking said guest’s face. Cats just sit and watch, and wait… once they’ve sussed out guests intentions, they’ll casually sidle over, perhaps give an occasional rub against the legs kind of affair, or allow a head ticket. Dogs, they need to be issued with ASBOs…

2. Cats are smart

It’s scientifically proven that cats are smarter than dogs… They use their whiskers to measure spaces, they’re agile, they bring your presents (even though a mouse might not be considered one in our eyes) and they are just generally very smart.



 3. Cats purrrrrrrrr

Oh how I love the sound of a cat’s purrr! It let’s us mere mortals know that our feline friends are happy, or hungry, or both. It’s such a comforting buzz that I frequently enjoying falling asleep to!

4. Cats are far funnier

Let’s face it, the Internet is filled with comical cat videos, and some of the most entertaining animal celebrities are cats (Google: Grumpy Cat, Princess Monster Truck, Snoopy the Cat, Lil Bub, Colonel Meow, Nala or Hamilton the Hipster Cat – to name a few!) It’s if cat’s know they’re comical geniuses, that they plan their comic timing, their slip off the counter, their selfie taking or smacking head on mirror the moments. I guess it’s not a dog’s fault – they are just bigger creatures, cats are just versatile you can put any costume on them! Continue reading