Discovering Santoro London | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re all well?

I’m a massive fan of finding exciting new brands, and when I came across Santoro London, I immediately fell in love. I know I’m a crazy cat lady, but surprisingly I fell most in love with their Scotty Dog print.

Can I just say that I loved what I had been sent to me, before I even opened the products.

They’d had put in the most gorgeous 3d pop up vanity card, and had individually wrapped all the items in cat print paper, because they knew I was a cat lover. Genuinely made me so happy that they’d made a special little effort for me, it was lovely!

photo 2

Inside were a few samples of the Scotty dog print* and these included tissues, a cute notebook with pen, a phone case, some emery boards, a phone case and a pocket mirror.




My favourite piece from the collection was this little pocket mirror. It’s just so adorable and comes with its own pouch to keep it safe. I just love the print on it too, and has gone straight into my handbag.


santoro2I’m officially in love with this brand! Have any of you heard of it before? Would you be interested in checking out some of their collections?

Lots of love and squishes,



A Big Ol’ Birthday Wishlist | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

As my birthday is coming up next month, I thought it would be fun to do a Birthday wishlist, of all the things I’ve been lusting over recently. Some of these things are just so out of my price range, that my only hope is that someone with a bit more money loves me enough to buy it for me! So without further ado…..



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My 30 Before 30 Update | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

Back in December, I posted about my 30 Before 30 challenge, and I thought it would be fun to do a little update of what I’d achieved, 3 months on. If you would like a link to my whole list, you can find it here – 30 Before 30 Challenge.


  1. Go on Honeymoon  – I know I haven’t TECHNICALLY been yet, but I’m off next week! Huzzah. Fear not, I’m leaving my blog in the capable hands of loads of amazing guest bloggers, so look out for that! 🙂

  2. Get a proper professional camera (and use it) and get all the trimmings (lights, tripod etc) – Done and using! 🙂 I got a Fuji HS50 Bridge Camera

  3. Start A YouTube Channel – Done! 🙂
  4. Get A Proper Dressing Table (with mirror and drawers/storage for my make up and everything!) Done! You can read about it here – Dressing Table
  5. Meet 25 Bloggers In Real Life – Done! 

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My New/Old Dressing Table | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

I hope you’re all well?

A while back I did a post on my ‘Makeshift Makeup Storage‘ and spoke about the fact that my make up was being housed in takeaway boxes. Although I am still using those boxes as dividers, I have had a significant upgrade in the storage department. I am now the proud owner of this beautiful vintage dressing table! It’s a dream come true! Sadly my husband had to sacrifice his stereo in the spare room to make way, but y’know, this is important! 😉

The reason I’ve called it new/old because it’s new to me, but it was actually my husband’s nan’s dressing table. She has moved to somewhere a bit smaller, and sadly doesn’t have the room for this anymore. However, she wanted her things to go to her family rather than sold to someone random, so I asked that if no one else would like the dressing table, if I could give it a nice new home. I know she’s happy that it’s going to get used and loved!

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