Kind Act Campaign

Welcome to the Kind Act Campaign page!

This campaign was launched on Valentine’s day 2014, as aims to spread the love and get those kind acts flowing.

This idea was spurred on by the other day at work. I was walking to Marks and Spencers to get some lunch, and it was tipping it down with rain, it was freezing. I remember thinking how cold my hands were, and that I was starving. On my way back I noticed there was a man sitting on the pavement, people were walking past him, some even deliberately walking out of his way. The guilt of having just spent £5 on soggy sandwiches hit me, so I did what I hadn’t done before, I stopped. I walked over to him and asked him if he would like a hot drink. He gratefully accepted, and I bought him one. I walked back to work feeling a little bit better, that I had helped, even a bit.

It was also spurred by some things I’d seen in the blogosphere. Although 95% of things I see online are so friendly, and encouraging, and amazing, every now and again I see negativity and hurtful comments to others, making nasty comments on their appearance, or their choices. It’s something I’ve never really understood, if you don’t like someone, don’t read it and move on. Why take the time out to be negative or nasty, it makes no sense.

The idea is simple, commit to doing one kind act per day (or one extra on top of the kind acts so many of you do already)

It could be lending someone some money at the parking machine if they don’t have it spare. It could be buying someone a little present to cheer them up. It could be asking someone how their day has gone. It could be giving someone a compliment, it could even be in the blogging world, helping someone with something they’re asking about! Pay it forward, get some of that good karma! 🙂

So if you fancy being a part of the kind act campaign, then please feel free to take this badge below and display it on your site, and let us all know what kind acts you’ve all got up to using the #kindactcampaign hashtag!

If you want to take the HTML for your site, scroll down to the bottom of my site to grab the button! 🙂


Bloggers taking part in the campaign

Surely Char

Natalie Simm – Big Society Girl

Raise The Waves

Life and Lipstick

The Fashion 6



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