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Normally I’m more of a high street gal (due to being poor and all that), but every now and then I do like to treat myself to something a bit more pricy. Recently I found my new favourite high end mascara, and I’d love to share it with you. This was recommended to me by Charlotte from Surely Char, she’d been wanging on about it for ages, and I obviously listened (great friend), but I’d never actually got round to investigating it more. 

Then, at the airport Duty Free on my way to my honeymoon I spotted something magical. A Guerlain stand.

It was all shiny and enticing and I just had to go over. You know, just to see what they had. For hypothetical reasons. It’s research you know, for the blog. Um..

At first I casually started browsing, then when I saw the Maxi Lash mascara on the stand, I instantly knew that I had to have it. The packing itself sold me. The sleek gold case just oozes luxury, and I love the name engraved on the side. I even love the BOX. The box! The black background with the lush gold writing. Ah. The next thing I knew it had fallen in my basket, and I didn’t want to upset it, and the rest is history. This mascara is a bit more pricey than what I’m used to (£22 from Feel Unique), but I’m about to list a whole lot of reasons why this is definitely worth the money. 


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Affordable Prescription Sunglasses – Specspost* | Beauty In Beta

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Some of you may know that I am absolutely as blind as a bat. I am so hideously short sighted, so one thing that’s really important to me is getting the right glasses. Unfortunately for me, as my prescription is so strong, I find it hard to actually find anything that’s not insanely expensive, or to put it plainly, not fugly.  Recently before I was about to go away on my honeymoon I was worried about what I was going to do about sunglasses. Yes, I can wear contact lenses under the sunglasses, but what if I want to sunbathe and shut my eyes for a while? What if I want to go for a swim? That’s when I started to look into Prescription Sunglasses. It’s something I’d been thinking about for a while, but wherever I looked they were insanely expensive, or the frames were hideous. I kept having flashbacks of my prescription sunnies a la the mid 90s that were the thickest thing known to man and extremely round.

So, when I got the opportunity to try some from Specspost, I did a little cheer inside! Affordable + Nice Designs + Convenience = happy Beth. The idea behind Specspost is that you can get a few frames sent to you so you can try before you buy. So all you do is hop online, pick out the frames, Specspost will send them to you, and then they’ll make up the ones that you like! Simples! I love this, as I can’t be the only one who hates trying to pick glasses etc out at the shop while the person looms over you waiting for you to choose in a few minutes. These glasses are going to be on my face, I need more time! Leave me be!

I’d come across Specspost before and everyone is so lovely there, I knew that I could trust them to send me out a pair of sunglasses I’d love, and quickly! The pair that I have are the Mademoiselle Cats Eye Sunglasses and I am in love with them. Look how awesome they are. Ooo check me out with my fancy tropical background, oooo.


I love the detail on the back of these, the blue cloud effect just gives them a little bit extra on top of the plain black sunnies I normally opt for. They’re just the right size for my face, keeping the sun out enough, but not too big that they’re overpowering. Continue reading

Aeos Gentle Exfoliant Review* | Beauty In Beta

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I recently got the opportunity to try this AEOS (Active Energised Organic Skincare) Gentle Exfoliant* from Baobella Boutique. I genuinely love this company and the idea behind it, where members get discounts on products, and it’s free to sign up, so it’s definitely worth having a look if you like a bargain! 

I’d never heard of AEOS skincare before,  but the more research I did into the company, the more its uniqueness appealed to me. All of their products are 100% organic, and they have no chemicals or synthetic materials in their line. They use spelt grain and loads of essential oils in their products as well, so all really good stuff for your skin. This exfoliant is no different, and according to the site is “rich in seed oils and biodynamic spelt oil which helps to nourish and hydrate the skin during the process of exfoliation, leaving the skin soft, smooth & receptive to the moisturising products to follow.”

Well, sure sounds good to me! Now just to try it…


As there were no instructions on the bottle of how to use, I had a look online to get some more information. The instructions told me to: 

“Apply after cleansing to damp skin in a gentle circular massage movement using the finger tips, to effectively exfoliate the skin. Rinse well with lukewarm water.Either exfoliate morning or evening but NOT both. If hypersensitive do not exfoliate.” Which sounded pretty standard to me! I’ve been using this for around 6 weeks and took it away with me on my honeymoon, as I wanted a gentle exfoliator for my face. Continue reading

Honey I’m Home! (+ Honeymoon Pics)| Beauty In Beta

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 I hope you are all well? I am back from my honeymoon and back on the blog, wahoo! I missed you all! I just want to firstly say a massive thanks to all of my guest posters for keeping the blog ticking while I was away! Please do go and check all the posts out below! 😀

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Beauty Wishlist For Skin | Guest Post

 So, if you’re interested here are a few little piccies from my honeymoon in Mauritius. I’m not putting a whole load up because to be honest I didn’t take that many! Hope you all understand 🙂

The photo below is the very first photo I took, when we were waiting to get into our room. I walked out to the sea and dipped my feet in, and it was glorious.


When we turned up, our bed was made up with these cute towel swans and pretty local flowers. We also both had a t shirt each from the hotel, that had ‘Just Married’ on the back, which was so sweet. Also as part of our honeymoon, we were nicely treated to two massages – a back massage and a Swedish massage. We also got a complementary meal, which was one of the nicest meals I’ve ever eaten! Continue reading

Beauty Wishlist For Skin | Guest Post

So to those of you who keep a close eye on BeautyinBeta may recognise AlexRocksxo from a set of blog posts Beth and I created (you can see mine here and Beth’s here) and while she is on her honeymoon (which I am very jealous of) she has invited me to do a blog post for her blog, so thank you Beth! Hope you’re having a lovely holiday!

I have been having such awful skin lately, constant breakout leaving tonnes of red scars and it’s pretty crap, my forehead is the worst and I have been looking for some cover up make up that doesn’t look obvious. As I don’t think a cakey face on anyone looks good and especially not me! The products I have picked I have seen reviewed all over the internet for being great natural looking cover ups and I shall be investing in some when I get paid!

I chose the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders because if I use a concealer I want to set it and I have heard so much about these powders, they look so gorgeous and I would love to try some of them! For the same reason as before I chose the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot powder, a more wallet friendly option that has had great reviews.

To actually cover up the blemishes the first product I thought of was the Nars Creamy Concealer, I have tried the Collection 2000 concealer and I hated it, it was cakey and really obvious, I heard EssieButton talking about this and thought it may be one to try out. To buff in the concealer I chose the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, another product raved about by EssieButton and I genuinely trust every word that comes out of her mouth, its affordable and looks such great quality. If I wanted a heavier coverage I chose the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, a heavier coverage but what I have seen of it looks natural and effortless. Slightly pricey but worth it if I can hide this god awful skin.

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