Bloggers I Love – Part 1 | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

I hope you’re well?

There’s been a lot of rubbish negativity going round the blogosphere recently, and it’s making me sad! So I thought I’d put together a little post of bloggers that literally make me smile and I love, like a lot, and you should definitely go and read!

Of course there are so many bloggers I love, but I’ve just picked 10 for now out of my list, and I’m going to do another post soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


Joanna Loves

Jo was one of the first bloggers that I met and she is flipping amazing.Seriously look at the pictures below, she’s absolutely gorgeous. She does amazing OOTD’s and make up looks. Also head on over to her blog if you like finding new products to try as she’s always got favourites and wishlists and other fab things like that. She’s definitely my woman crush.



Sarah Speaks

Sarah is another one of those people who I immediately clicked with as soon as I started speaking to her, we have so much in common. Her and her dog Billy are two of my favourite people in the world. I’m always over on her blog because I always love her posts and her photography. Her OOTD’s are always super cute, and she’s also fab at nails, so I love seeing her creativity. Head on over to her blog now, or else!


Surely Char

Char could probably end up making me buy anything if I’m honest! I trust her recommendations wholeheartedly, and I know if she says something is good, then it most definitely is! I’ve bought so many amazing products because of her. Couple that with the fact she’s flipping amazing, and hilarious, then you get an awesome blog. Head on over to her blog for the best beauty and skincare reviews!




Bethany Worrall

Beth, my name twin is just the best. I always love her OOTD’s and her tweets always are guaranteed to make me laugh. She also always recommends the best products and her wishlists always make me want to buy more things. Everyone needs a bit of Beth in their life, so definitely head on over to her blog now!



Monica is the queen of the OOTD. Seriously, you need to go and check them out. Before any event we go to, I always run my outfit by her to get her opinion, as she always knows what goes best with what. She knows everything there is to know about fashion, so if you dig that, then definitely head on over to Monica’s blog!




Bethany is the creator of one of my favourite sets of posts so far this year. I’m always waiting for her 100 looks in 100 day posts, as they’re always so creative and amazing. There’s a selection of them below, but you need to go and check them all out as there’s about 46 more already! Honestly, amazing.




Rosie is another blogger that I immediately clicked with, and her blog pretty much does what it says on the tin. Food, books and beauty. Three of my favourite things! I love her blog because I love her writing style and the way she presents things, so hers is definitely one you need to add to your reading list!


My Potl

Ok, I’m going to put this out there, I want Laurie as my best buddy. Honestly, she’s one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met and her blog, is equally hilarious. The premise of her blog started as being set up on blind dates by different family members and friends, but it’s evolved to so much more than that. This is one my favourite relationship blogs out there, which you definitely need to check out.



Penny is just lovely, plain and simple. I love her drive and dermination and her kindness. She’s had numerous articles published and is one of my favourite lifestyle bloggers. Check out her blog for fab recommendations, great writing and a bit of beauty, pets and fashion thrown in for good measure.




Katie from Scarphelia is so flipping cool, I honestly feel like the most awkward weirdo when I’m standing next to her. Her blog is one of my absolute favourites. She really makes you think which I love, and I’m in awe of her awesome projects, which you need to go and read about. She’s also gorgeous, so beware of inevitable jealously!


So there we go, 10 of my favourite bloggers! Who are your favourite bloggers?

Lots of love and squishes,





Google Analytics For Bloggers | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

I hope you are all well this lovely Tuesday? Well, on my last SEO post I did a little poll on what you’d like to have a post on next, and the majority said Google Analytics, so here we go! Sorry it’s taken so long to get this out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Obviously Iโ€™m no expert, but I use Google Analytics daily for clients at work, so I thought I’d put together a little post on what exactly GA is, and how to get it on your site.
Iโ€™m going to talk a bit about how to apply this to your blog, and how to get yourself set up. Unfortunately this only applies to those who have a Blogger blog or a self hosted WordPress, as I’m not familiar with any others! You’re unable to use GA on a site (one hosted through WordPress), so you’ll have to stick to the stats tab of their blog, sorry!

Hertfordshire Christmas Bloggers Meal! | Beauty In Beta

Howdy lovlies,

I can’t believe I’m posting this so late, but for some reason I thought it had already gone up, then I had a sudden realisation that it hadn’t! Yeah I’m an idiot…

So, back in December, the gorgeous Scarlett from Scarlett London and Sarahย  from Sarah’s Beauty Emporium threw a Christmas party for all of the Hertfordshire bloggers, and I thought it sounds absolutely like something I didn’t want to miss, so I said yes pretty much straight away! (eager)

First off, I made the best impression by being super late. It’s so frustrating because I actually was in St Albans on time, and I made my way to where I THOUGHT Pizza Express was… and then when I got there, turns out it was Zizzis. I fail at life. I actually wasn’t that far away from the restaurant at that point, but for some reason, decided to go the completely longest way possible.

When I finally turned up, I met with Scarlett and Sarah,ย  Katie from Desperately Seeking Freedom, Bex from I Always Believed In Futures, Lisa from Lisahh-Jayne and Emily from Rosella-Beauty

Go check out their blogs! Well.. read this first.. and then go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

bloggersPhoto nabbed from Katie – thanks lovely!

Everyone was so friendly and nice, and we all had a lovely chat while I got my breath back from running to get to the restaurant! Continue reading

Getting Paid To Review Products – What’s Your Opinion? (Poll)

Howdy lovlies!

So, on the radio this morning I heard a news report about warnings to vloggers who are being paid to promote items (such as make up, video games) etc without disclosing to their readers/watchers that they were doing so. The report highlighted that consumers have to be told when they are being advertised to, otherwise it’s misleading. This was very odd because yesterday I tweeted about this very scenario, and quite a few of you responded to it, so I thought I’d have a chat about it here today! Sorry this might be a bit of a long one! ๐Ÿ™‚


I was contacted by a company (who shall remain nameless), asking if I would review their products positively in return for money. I was surprised at this, because it was a company who I actually have some products of, and enjoy! I’m sure that if I had been sent samples of the product, it’s likely it would have been positive, but the idea of having to be positive whether I liked it or not, well to be honest, it baffled me! My personal opinion (and this is purely my own opinion) is that surely if the company is confident in their product, they shouldn’t need to pay for a positive review? Continue reading