MAC Store Disappointment, Gigs and Cocktails in Teapots

Howdy lovlies,

Did you all have a good weekend?? I had a fab one, but I am absolutely shattered! So, on Friday myself and my lovely husband had the day off, and we headed into London. The first thing I wanted to do was to spend my MAC voucher, which I had asked you guys about what I should spend a little while ago in this post.

So, I excitedly headed over the to the store in Covent Garden. First thing to note is that it’s not in the same place anymore, just FYI if you’re heading out there. It’s now in the square, d’oh, I was very confused! Secondly, I actually was extremely disappointed with my experience in there. It  was SO busy (which obviously they can’t help), but mainly I felt extremely intimidated in there. I would say I’m quite confident when it comes to picking out make up products, but I just felt like I didn’t know where to start. All of the staff were busy and rushing around, and I didn’t know who to speak to to get more information. ALL of the staff were doing make up looks on people, and there were none just out in the store to speak to.

I really wanted to get a custom 4 pan eyeshadow pallette made, but I didn’t even know who to ask about it. I felt like I was being stared at and judged the whole time. I know this likely isn’t the case, but I definitely felt that way! So, in the end I just thought stuff it, I’m just going to grab the things I can see, and get out of here. To be fair though, the lady on the checkout was very friendly and helpful, but when she asked me if anyone had helped me, there was a resounding “no”, back from me! Very disappointed Beth over here!


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