A Letter To My Younger Self | Beauty In Beta

Hi 11 year old Beth,

I know I’ve caught you in a pretty awkward stage of your life ey? You’re about to start Secondary school, and you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. That feeling of uncertainty, scared of the change, stepping out from the comfort of your small school, with all your friends. Right now your main worries are which colour choker necklace you want to buy from Claires, which sweets to buy after your Swimming lessons and filling the pages of your Football sticker book, and I love that. You have a fun zest for life that you shouldn’t ever let anyone take from you. Say yes more, have fun, do the things you want to do, don’t be scared.

As you get older, smaller worries start to make a bigger impact.  I’m afraid that anxiety never really goes away, so maybe if you can try and stop it now it’ll be better? I know things have happened that weren’t part of the plan, and I wish so much I had a real time machine to save you from everything that will hurt you, but when things don’t go to plan, then speak to someone, ask for help. It’s ok to feel scared sometimes. 

School is rough, but don’t worry you’ll get to the other side without a scratch. I’m not going tell you it’s the best time of your life because I’m afraid it won’t be, but you’ll carry on through and your grades will be good, you get nothing lower than a C, even in Maths! I know, crazy?

You go through a stage of being a right grumpy wotsit, so try not to take it out on Mum and Alan, they’re only trying to help. Oh yeah I’m afraid you never really get less gawky, and your eyesight is only going to get worse but you learn to embrace it, I promise it gets better. Honestly, nowadays it’s even fashionable to wear glasses. I’m not even joking! Please please remember to wear your retainer all the time though, because damn it’s annoying when your teeth start to go crooked again.

Oh hey, you know you’d always wanted a younger brother or sister, well I’ve got great news. In a couple of years, you’ll have a baby sister, and then 3 years after that an awesome baby brother. I know, amazing right? Continue reading